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The Dog Days of summer in Minnesota becomes a frenzy of activity before the kids go back to school and the weather starts to turn. Making memories becomes a priority while the sun shines.  While we take the last minute vacations our pools become a nightmare trying to contain the […]

Keeping Algae Away

Right under the Chanhassen Water Tower    And everything else you might be looking for while you are out hunting!

We have it all!

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We had a great time this 4th of July, and enjoyed some of the hometown festivities.  Hope you saw us at the car show or parade!     Arctic Spa Polar bear trying to bust into Yeti cooler… Sorry Bear, it’s not gonna happen.

Did you see us at the Chanhassen 4th of July ...

4th of july
Happy Independence Day!  We will be closed Monday, July 4th for the holiday.

Closed July 4th

16020BIO-CLR salt scapescell cleaner
Spot Light on… Cell Cleaners BioGuard Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner is highly effective at removing calcium carbonate scale, calcium phospate scale, and calcium sulfate scale. It works quickly in 15 to 30 minutes to remove built-up scale and can then conveniently be disposed of in your pool. Eliminates cloudy, hazy […]

June 26 Weekly Coupon

Spot Light on… Skim Mor Do you have Cottonwoods or Pollen gathering in your pool?  Try Skim Mor Skimmer Socks! Our customers have had great luck collecting these fine sediments, along with reducing scum lines and oil buildups, using the Skim Mor Skimmer basket liners. Treated with Myclex® to attack oils, lotions […]

Spotlight on…Skim Mor Skimmer Socks

Borates are often recommended by pool experts. It is often a very expensive addition and no one really tells you why. We often hear, hmmmm, no thank you” when we recommend it.   Here is the reason you may want to take the advice this spring. Borates in the water […]

Do you Know what a Borate is?

Spot Light on… Pool Tonic Removing phosphates makes your chlorine last longer, prevents algae growth and in some cases can help clarify cloudy water. Many customers this spring have had great success removing their phosphates and other water contaminants this year with Pool Tonic. If you have phosphates ask about […]

Weekly Coupon May 31-June 5

Congratulations Gertz family on your new Arctic Spa Tundra. With several options to choose from this is Maintenance Free Sable cabinet with the Mediterranean Sunset Interior. With such a beautiful and relaxing spa you won’t want to get out. Here’s to many wonderful memories with family and friends. Welcome to our Arctic Spa […]

Another new Hot Tub

Congratulations Wefel family on your new Arctic Spa Glacier in Platinum Swirl with the Charcoal Maintenance Free Cabinet. We are sure you will have a great time with your Family enjoying this new addition for years to come. Welcome to our Arctic Spa family.

Arctic Spa in MN installation

Please note, we will be closed next Monday, May 30th, for the Memorial Day Holiday.  We will be open the rest of the week without change. If you are looking for a way to honor and celebrate the upcoming holiday, check out MN Community Planner, which has many of the nearby […]

We Will Be Closed Memorial Day