Vinyl Liners

Liners – Repair and Install

At Premier Pool & Spa, we can help resolve your problems when your vinyl liner rips, tears, and pulls. If you have a liner that needs a repair, please contact us so we can either set up a service call to repair your liner, or walk you through how to repair it yourself with one of our liner repair kits.

New Liner Installations

At Premier Pool & Spa, we know how important it is to a customer that their new liner installation goes smoothly. A new liner is a very expensive and involved undertaking, therefore, at Premier Pool & Spa we want you to know you will be getting the best possible service from our technicians and the best possible communication from our Service Department. We want you to be confident at the completion of the job that your liner will last to the fullest extent of its life without tearing or wrinkling. For that reason we always measure three times, and cut once. We know that an empty pool is a useless pool, so we complete the full process of draining the pool, removing the old liner, installing the new liner, filling the pool, and cutting in the returns, skimmers and drains and starting the pool up as quickly as possible. In most cases we will have your pool ready for use again within a few days of beginning the liner replacement.

Having trouble choosing a liner?  Check out our “How to Choose a Liner” article.

Need a new liner or a liner repair? For a quote please contact us.

Premier Pool & Spa can order and install your favorite liner! Find your perfect pattern from any of these manufacturers:

Please be aware that payment is due upon receipt at completion of service.  We do require a credit card on file to set up service. We allow 5 business days before initiating a charge to your credit card.  This allows you to pay by check  or cash if preferred and also allows you time to look over the bill and contact us if there are any questions.