2017 February Newsletter

There are a few services that make owning an Arctic Spa easier than ever. Some of them are new and one may be just right for you!

Spa Product Order On-Line – just fill out the form and we will ship you the chemicals you need.

Annual Auto Chemical Package – 4 times a year we will automatically send your chemicals, filters to you.

Arctic Spa Maintenance Package – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa so you just have to enjoy your Arctic Spa

Just Soak (Any spa) Program – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa twice a year PLUS weekly service where we balance your water and maintain a clear spa all year long for you.


Just a reminder that loving your Arctic Spa can earn you FREE chemicals. If you send in people and they buy you will earn a $100 voucher for chemicals from Premier. Remind people that spas at the shows and at the fairs have the cost of the booth built in so the savings are minimal!


This is the FREE connectivity app!

  • First there was a spa like everyone else.
  • Then there was a WiFi unit. We had some issues with placement of the WiFi unit (didn’t get a signal when it had to go through water)
  • Next there was an ethernet over power unit pair (we are still using this but there are some challenges with connection with 2 electrical service panels, competition with other wifi items in the house
  • Next they came up with a WiFi extender that solves some of these challenges
  • Finally there is always the option to hardwire the spa

Once the frustration of connection is completed the rest is a breeze. Register your spa and then you can see it on your phone, I can see it at the store and the factory can also help. This has been a really nice way to make sure our spas are up, running, heating all free of issues.

Having trouble or want to get connected? Just let me know and we can make it happen. If you have an internet connection we can help.


The use of essential oils for therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic and ritualistic purposes goes back to ancient times.

  • reduction of pain
  • reduction of anxiety
  • energy enhancement
  • eliminate Headaches
  • induce sleep
  • Increase circulation to name just a few

Aroma can help improve general well-being and we have scents for all occasions. The new Arctic Spas all come with Aromatherapy but even the older tubs can use some of the liquid or bath salts we have.


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