2017 July/August Newsletter

The middle of summer is the slowest time for hot tubs so I have combined the July and August newsletter.

BEST Prices on a Spa

As we gear up for “Fair” Season you will hear people say “waiting for the fair to get the best prices on MY hot tub”. There are 3 hot tub dealers at the fair – 1 built in Georgia and 2 built in California. What do they know about the cold? But I am preaching to the choir.

Software Updates

There is a new update for your spa. If you are online with myarcticspa.com we will be updating the spas as we find them. If you are not on line here is a YOUTUBE video to help.

Email and let me know you need the upgrade file. When you get it, drag and drop it onto a USB drive and follow the video. It should take about 5 minutes from start to finish.

The end of summer means it is time to empty, clean and refill the spa before winter. New water allows you to use less chemicals, have a fresh fill for the longest Minnesota season. The later you wait the longer it will make it into next spring but the longer you wait the colder it is to re-fill. Nothing is worse than emptying the spa in the first snow fall. Remember this is a great time to replace or chemically clean the filters, always use System flush to clean the pipes prior to draining. And if you would like some help,we can help you do that too.

Arctic Spa Trio Program

Fresh Fill Start up

Balance Ph. –  7.3 to 7.7

  1. Add ½ cup ph. down and allow water to circulate for 2 hours.
  2. Test water and repeat step one till ph. Is between 7.3 and 7.7


Sanitize Spa- 1 TBLS per 500 gallons

  1. Add 1 TBLS spoon chlorine Concentrate to sanitize Spa because the spa is new you will be using it more often. Test the spa often to make sure there is enough chlorine. Light purple on the strip



Test Water-                        Ph. =                      7.3 to 7.7

Chlorine =            1.0 to 2.0 ppm

Alkalinity =          150 to 200 ppm


  1. Lower Ph as needed with Ph down. If Ph is low be sure to verify that the alkalinity is not low also. Add ½ cup Ph. down per 500 gallons
  2. Alkalinity is a buffer to prevent Ph change.
  • If Alkalinity is high and Ph is in range, there is no need to do any adjustments.
  • If Alkalinity is high and Ph is high, adjust Ph down. Each Ph down treatment will lower Alkalinity a small amount, Add ½ cup Ph. down per 500 gallons
  • If Alkalinity is low and Ph. is in range. Adjust Alkalinity up. See store for details.
  • If Alkalinity is low and Ph is low, Adjust Alkalinity up with Alkalinity Increaser. Raising Alkalinity will raise Ph. also.
  1. Add 1 TBLS. Chlorine Concentrate to water with pump running.
  2. Add one small bag that has all the shocks and clarifiers in it.

Always keep your cover open for 15 minutes after adding chemicals. The gassing off process with the cover closed will hit the bottom of the cover and go back into the water.

Optional Weekly Treatments

  • Foam is caused from the buildup of oils in the water. Anti-Foam will temporarily hide the problem. To control the problem and not hide it, use Spa Perfect Natural enzymes. Add 1oz. per 100 gallons weekly
  • To prevent stains and water line build up add 1oz. Stain & Scale control per 400 gallons when topping off your spas water level.

Draining note: Always add 1 bottle spa system flush or the last bag of Trio before draining spa to have fresh clean plumbing for your fresh fill. Make sure the filters are not in the tub when you are using these products.


Arctic Spa services Exclusive at Premier Pool & Spa

Spa Product Order On-Line – just fill out the form and we will ship you the chemicals you need.

Annual Auto Chemical Package – 4 times a year we will automatically send your chemicals, filters to you.

Arctic Spa Maintenance Package – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa so you just have to enjoy your Arctic Spa

Just Soak (Any spa) Program – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa twice a year PLUS weekly service where we balance your water and maintain a clear spa all year long for you.


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