2017 June Newsletter

Keep your Lake & Pool Swimming Suits Separate

Why should you keep your spa/pool separate from your lake/river suit? The water in our lakes and rivers have contaminates and algae that we don’t want to cross contaminate with our pools and spas. Fortunately, bird (and other) droppings which can infect humans are killed by the chlorine within minutes.

Don’t Launder your Hot Tub Swimming Suits

I always know when we have had company in the hot tub. The shiny bubbles from the laundry detergent is a dead give-away. When the tub was new we had a wall of bubbles over our heads when the jets were on. All the tests showed that we had perfect balance and chemical readings and it was very frustrating. We did NOT use foam out because it drops out the pH in the tub which makes the water because

  • corrosive on the equipment
  • drys out the skin
  • burns up chlorine faster

We used a Frisbee to scoop and throw the bubble out of the water. Eventually we got the bubbles under control and we ask people to rinse off before they get in the tub.


Every couple of months I try to talk a little bit about filters. In the spring the amount of pollen and debris coming off the trees can be overwhelming. Yes, even through your cover you will find that it gets into the tub. Your filters can’t handle all the pollen and it sits on the bottom like a trail of dirt. When you go to net it up, it poofs up into the water.

  • Solution #1. Change your filters out for Silver Sentinels. These disposable filters go down to 1 micron and can handle a lot of the pollen issues.
  • Solution #2. Use Spa Perfect. This is an enzyme that will eat biological waste including hair, skin, oil and pollen
  • Use a rescue bag. This also filters down to 1 micron and will be full within a few days.


Keeping the Spa Cool

One of the most challenging things with an Arctic spa is to keep the spa cool in the summer. It is so efficient that cooling down the spa can seem impossible. Some people have noticed the spa turns on and then off repeatedly. This is most often a software glitch that has been fixed with the latest software version. If your spa is not on line you can come into the store for instructions on how to update the software on the spa. It sounds much more complicated than it is. Watch it here

If your spa is out in the direct sun the temperature may be above what you have set the spa for. This could cause many issues because when the filter kicks in – if it is 2 degrees above where you have set it, the tub may suspend the filtration (which makes it a cloudy mess). If you are having these issues, please call me and we will come up with the best solution for your spa. They even have summer doors!


Arctic Spa services Exclusive at Premier Pool & Spa

Spa Product Order On-Line – just fill out the form and we will ship you the chemicals you need.

Annual Auto Chemical Package – 4 times a year we will automatically send your chemicals, filters to you.

Arctic Spa Maintenance Package – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa so you just have to enjoy your Arctic Spa

Just Soak (Any spa) Program – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa twice a year PLUS weekly service where we balance your water and maintain a clear spa all year long for you.


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