2020 March Newsletter

March Newsletter 2020

The new hot tubs are finally rolling off the line. If anyone is interested in what the new ones have – here is a quick run down.

The Core Series  has a new 3 person hot tub 6×7 that is perfect for a smaller space

The Classic Series are a reconfiguration of the existing Kodiak, Tundra, Yukon and Cub. They will have a different motherboard which can be upgraded to what you have, a different cover that can be upgraded to what you have, Onzen that can be upgraded to what you have (if you have Spaboy) but only the ability to have 2 pumps. 

The Custom Series new features and options on the tubs. All the models have been reworked to be ergonomically correct seating, aesthetically pleasing with smooth transitions etc. 

  • Pillows are can now be put in either way (reversible) for comfort
  • New Jets with a ripple design will be flatter – 30% lower profile (can be color matched to your tub)
  • New larger cup holders
  • High Efficiency Pumps with anti-vibration and noise reductions
  • Improved Wireless AC included
  • Progressive Filtration will help filter out iron and bring down pH without adding chemicals. It will also have a microchip that will tell you when it has been installed so you know when it needs to be replaced! Yes, even your filters are getting smarter

  • Corner outside lighting options
  • YESS Oxygen skin Therapy is available with Microbubbles

Don’t Launder your Hot Tub Swimming Suits

I always know when we’ve had company in the hot tub. The shiny bubbles from the laundry detergent is a dead give-away. When the tub was new we had a wall of bubbles over our heads when the jets were on. All the tests showed that we had perfect balance and chemical readings and it was very frustrating. We did NOT use foam out because it drops out the pH in the tub and it is

  • corrosive on the equipment
  • drys out the skin
  • burns up chlorine faster

We used a Frisbee to scoop and throw the bubble out of the water. Eventually we got the bubbles under control and we ask people to rinse off before they get in the tub.

We are going to be having Spa Schools every 3 weeks at a variety of times and days so that everyone can come. This is a perfect time to learn (or re-learn) about your equipment, learn about your water, spaboy or any technical issues you may be having. Come in and just learn about your tub. No judgement – we’d love to see you!

March 9th at 5 pm is the Spa school – its a Monday!!!! Let us know if you are coming and we will make sure we are ready!!!!

Around the Spa – Common Questions asked every month

Q. The water is just about done for the season I always forget what to do. Can you help? 

A. Don’t worry, we are always here to help. We can do the service for you. 952-368-6070. If you want you can do it yourself.

Solutions: First I would get a flush product (Trio it is bag #3). Pull your filters out and let that flush go through all the jets including the waterfall and any jets that you don’t normally use.

  • Because we normally drain, clean and refill our spas in the spring and fall it is most important to get water back into the tub quickly (I always seem to do it when it is colder then I thought) I get a submersible pump and it will cut the time significantly.
  • Turn off the power and start to drain, wipe down the waterline while it is still wet because if that stuff dries it is like tar
  • Filters need to be cleaned, disposed of or maintained at this time. (this is a whole other topic)
  • If there is a little dirty water at the bottom don’t worry, the filters will clean that
  • Fill it back up
  • Put in the cleaned filters
  • Turn on the power
  • Manage the pH

Remember if there is an htp error – you may have turned it off in the middle of a cycle (see last months around the spa question)

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