Just Soak Spa Weekly Maintenance Program

Just Soak Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance Program

Premier Pool & Spa understands how important your spa is to you. It is a place to celebrate, relax, and escape from your daily routine. Having a spa brings your family lots of joy, but it can also be difficult to maintain. Our certified technicians will make sure that your spa is always sparkling clean and ready to be used.

At Premier Pool & Spa we take pride in expertly maintaining the chemicals and cleanliness of your Spa so that you can enjoy unparalleled relaxation.

Just Soak Package includes 52 Weekly Service stops

  • Complete weekly water test
  • Water Maintenance chemicals – Chlorine, Balancers, Spa Foundation, sequestering agents as needed and filter aids as needed
  • Drain & Clean your spa 2 times a year
  • Clean spa interior surfaces weekly
  • Vacuum spa bottom as needed
  • Clean baskets
  • Clean cartridge filters as needed (customer must have 2 complete sets of filters for spa)
  • Clean spa cover
  • Monitor proper system operations

As an added bonus, Annual service members also enjoy a discount of 10% off all in stock retail store purchases and front of line service from the service department. (Does not include service labor or delivery)

For full details or to sign up, contact us or call our service department at 952-368-6070.

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