August Newsletter


Retrofitting your Arctic Spa


Your Arctic Spa can be whatever you need it to be with just a call. Some of the things we can add are

  • Spa Boy – New Spa monitoring and chlorine dispensing generator
  • Onzen – Converting your spa to salt water
  • Peak 1 Ozone – System kills bacteria
  • Aquatremor –  Transducers make the shell and the water your speakers!
  • Connectivity – get connected – we can help see what is going on

Call me if you are interested and we can discuss what your spa needs to have to get it where you want it. Each spa is designed per order so your spa is unique. If you want a price quote on any of these additions just shoot me an email and I will get you a quote.



We need your photos!

I am trying to build our library of spa ideas. You have come up with such neat ideas for your outdoor living spaces I would love to show them off! We won’t have addresses, names or anything attached to the pictures if you would like to remain anonymous. We would love pictures with or without people to show off just how beautiful they are. I can also use the pictures to show how you have solved design issues.

I will get you a coupon for your next purchase of chemicals if you send me the pictures. We will be publishing them on our website, facebook and possibly our pinterest account.

We have a new service tech!

If you have issues there may be a new face. Tony Perkins has joined the Premier Pool & Spa staff. I will still be here to answer any questions but now there will be people here that can answer your questions whenever you come into the store.

Parts and special requests

If you would like some of the accessories that we have available but don’t stock it is a great time to order them now. We are getting our second truckload in at the end of the month and your item could get on that truckload. You don’t have to pay additional shipping so you will save money too!. Let me know if you are interested in quotes or ideas. The steps, shelves, and other wooden items are a great idea to finish your space. 3-tier-hot-tub-storage-step

If you want to see any of our past issues

Here is a link

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