The Early Buy Sale is Back!

Get Great Deals on your Chemicals and Service by buying in the off-season!

We do this sale only once a year, so don’t miss it.  This is your only chance to get 20% off pool and spa chemicals each year.

$200 Minimum – The 2020 Early Buy Sale Ends February 29*

20% off the BioGuard Complete System:

  • 20% off Option 1 or 2 below
  • 20% off any additional retail items (filters, brushes, coolers, cups, etc)
  • FREE Delivery!

Option 1: Pool Chlorine Program

  1. Silk Guard Complete Tabs or Sticks
  2. Algae Complete
  3. Easy Shock & Swim
  4. Pool Complete

Option 2: Complete Salt System Program

  1. Mineral Springs Renewal
  2. Algae Complete
  3. Easy Shock & Swim
  4. Pool Complete

Don’t forget to get all your maintenance equipment and toys on your Early Buy!

Did you know almost all of our stocked items in the Retail Store also qualify for the Early Buy?  This includes filters, brushes, hand vacuums, chemicals, toys, floats, coolers, mugs, tumblers, parts, and more.  Stop in the store and find out what you can save on!


Don’t need the Complete Pool Care System?

  • 15% off your Early Buy purchase of a la carte items
  • FREE Shipping

Looking for deals on service this Spring and Summer? Check out this year’s service packages:

Please contact us or call us at 952-368-6070 with any Early Buy questions.

*Terms and Conditions: Minimum order of $200.  If you purchase one of the Complete options, you will receive a 20% discount on your chemicals as well as any other in stock Early Buy purchases.  Some exclusions apply.  Automatic Pool Cleaners are not eligible.  Items must be in stock to qualify for Early Buy pricing. Service, labor and installed items do not qualify for Early Buy pricing.

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