Do you Know what a Borate is?

Borates are often recommended by pool experts. It is often a very expensive addition and no one really tells you why. We often hear, hmmmm, no thank you” when we recommend it.


Here is the reason you may want to take the advice this spring.

  • Borates in the water will help reduce eye and skin irritations
  • Reduce the amount of sanitizer that you use for the whole season.
  • Borates improve water clarity because they help to maintain a better water balance
  • Have some algae static properties.
  • Best of all the water will have a soft silky feel to it.


When you put it in the water you will only have to add enough for the additional water you add during a season. Next year you will just have to do a partial addition for the new water you put in.


Most people find that their pools become much easier to maintain once they have used the borates and swear by them.

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