Don’t let a Hot Tub Scare you!


Hot tubs have made all kinds of technological advances though the years. If you think a hot tub is just a hot tub – come in and see what has changed.


The chemicals companies such as Bioguard have made advances. What we are putting in the spas to insure they are easier to maintain. The new system like Trio is a 1,2,3 step program that makes the upkeep of your spa a breeze.


When the bottom fell out of the hot tub industry (2008) only the strong or the very large were able to survive. The remaining brands were either so big that they could afford to hunker down and ride out the economy adjustment or they created a niche for themselves.

Niche Brands that are outstanding!

We have the Nordic and Arctic brands here at the store. The Nordic is our value driven spa. The niche it has created for itself is being an exceptional spa for the money. Made in Michigan and built to last.


The Arctic Spa is a top of the line spa with as many bells and whistles as you would want. This spa can be customized for your needs. The Arctic spa is built in Edmonton Canada so energy efficiency, keeping the “critters” out of your spa and luxury is their niche and they do it beautifully. Spa Boy was introduced for spa owners who don’t want to worry about their chemicals, spa boy monitors and maintains your water quality for you.


If you have always wanted a spa but didn’t want the hassle – come in and see what is different. You will be surprised.


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