February 2020 Newsletter


Arctic Spas are changing rapidly in 2020 and as part of the Arctic family I want you to be kept aware of all the new and exciting news as it develops. The easiest way to do that is to come up with a newsletter once a month to let you know what is out there. If you want to hear more about anything you find in these newsletters please reach out to me. I will try to make them short and to the point and not waste your time.

Dealer Seminar

I just made it back from the Arctic Spa Dealer seminar and learned a bunch of new things. Here is a little bit about what is going on for 2020. If anyone is looking for a new spa, upgrade, thinking of moving and taking the old tub or leaving yours behind…this is some of the new stuff that is out there….

Now there are 3 lines of Arctic Spa

  • Core series – there is no longer a Coyote spa series nor is there a bear essential series. It is now all combined in the Core.
  • Classic series – these are what were the Cub, Yukon, Kodiak and Tundra (with new names) they can be upgraded
  • Custom series – these are the new ones that are just coming off the line. They have a new filtration system that will adjust the pH for you, can be custom built, have been designed with the bathers comfort in mind. You can customize the jet color, you can change the spa to be whatever you want it to be. These new 2020s will be rolling off the factory floor soon. If you are interested in pictures or to hear more about them come in and I will show you the changes in the new upcoming models.

Premier Pool & Spa is 2019 Arctic Spas Service Dealer of the Year!

We are so proud of our service techs to be recognized for their hard work against all the service departments world wide. Now when you do need something from our service department, rest assured, our department is an award winning, world famous Service department! Help us congratulate our team!



We are going to be having Spa Schools every 3 weeks at a variety of times and days so that everyone can come. This is a perfect time to learn (or re-learn) about your equipment, learn about your water, spaboy or any technical issues you may be having. Come in and just learn about your tub. No judgement – we’d love to see you!

DateTime Day

pH needs to be adjusted

The main reason you need to be concerned with the pH of your tub is the comfort of your skin. It just feels better when your tub is balanced. It also makes the chemicals work better and the equipment is happier but bottom line its all about you…right???

Are you online?

It is nice to be online for many reasons. I am able to monitor the spa, the factory is able to monitor the spa and we can learn how what is going on with the spas in real time. The goal for the company is to get Arctic spas to diagnosis and attempt to fix themselves. In order to reach that goal Arctic believes it needs more spas on line.

Whats in it for you?

  • Faster service calls
  • More targeted service calls
  • Interaction away from home
  • Peace of mind that your spa is working
  • Ability to change your spa whenever/wherever you want

Reliability of the spa in the future. As the spa learns how to fix itself it will update and your spa will teach itself how to do those things too. The more information we can gather the better.

Around the Spa – Common Questions asked every month 

Q. We had a really warm day and we changed the water. When I turned it back on we got an hpt error code and the spa wouldn’t heat…what do we do? I need a service tech.

A. You might need a tech visit but chances are you shut it off when it was in or ready for a filter cycle. The mother board kind of freaks out (it doesn’t hurt it or anything) just throws an error code and has to work itself out.

Solution: turn off the power from the house and let it reset. Sometimes this has to be done several time (5x max). Then the spa has to go through the entire test cycle. This could take up to 5 minutes. If the error doesn’t resolve itself. Call the store to schedule a technician.

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