February Newsletter

2016 starts out the year with a new update!

You will have to throw away your old app and download the new free app to make sure they are both talking the same language. There are a lot of ways to get an update for your spa. For those of you who are web connected it is easy.

firmware update

Go to your settings page on www.myarcticspa.com and hit the button. Your spa will upload the latest firmware. If you want to be able to do this and you have wiFi, ethernet over power or the wiFi extender you can just register at myarcticspa.com for free, download the app for free and get connected – for FREE.

if you don’t have any of the connectivity items I have mentioned – I have them at the store and I would love to talk to you about the benefits of getting connected.

The update will  

  • Fix error codes that may be occurring
  • Ability to test Spa Boy
  • Ability to boost spa boy
  • Increase Dealer information

spaboy boost

The wavy lines button can be pressed to boost the chlorine level on the spa. You will notice the little lightning bolt will light up when the boost is working.

Other testing Push and hold pump #2 for 5 seconds and BOO will show up on the display. This is a great way to mix chemicals through the spa. Hold that same button for 10 seconds if you have spa boy and SBB will be displayed which will be Spa Boy Boost

Documentation has also been updated

Why Buy Chemicals from the Pool Store

Yes there are less expensive ways to buy chemicals but there is such a HUGE difference in the products available that I would suggest you stick with us. There are products at the big box store that has 45% chlorine 55% other additives – this will have you putting in twice the chemicals to save money. You will pay a few dollars more but fixing the headaches, cloudiness issues, lack of balance to the water are not really saving you much.
When you purchase your chemicals from Premier Pool & Spa you are supporting your community and giving yourself a better chance to ENJOY your pool or spa at home. Your water will be tested for FREE and we also give you FREE advice, instructions and help. more: https://www.premierpools.com/tech-talk/basic-pool-chemistry/

Annual Early Buy Savings! 

Every year Premier has an Early Buy Sale on chemicals and all in-stock retail items (some things like Yeti are not on sale). We would love you to come in and get the best pricing of the year!


System Flush before refilling

You may recall us telling you to system flush your spa before emptying it. Sometimes we all forget. The best way to keep it clean and clear is to get rid of the old water and yuck and start fresh

  •  We perspire over 1 pint for every person and every 15 minutes we sit in the hot tub.
  • All lotions, makeup & hair care products stay in the tub after we use it
  • Skin, hair and schmutz from our bodies stay in the tub

    why use flush before draining your hot tub

I’m leaving for Arctic 

My annual trip to Alberta Canada is coming up Feb 8-12. If anyone has anything you want me to check on at the factory or any questions… this is the best time!


not enough can be said for travelling North for the winter.

If you want more information on what is going on with your Arctic Spa – just shoot me a email or call and we can talk about it. 


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