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2nd Chance for Pool School - Our 2nd and Final Pool School for the year is Tuesday June 10th. Sign up today!

Due to Coronavirus, we have postponed Pool School this year.  We hope to be able to reschedule with ways to properly social distance, or get a virtual school scheduled.  If you need any help with your pool, bring in a water sample and let our employees know you are new to this.

Schedule of Events:

Open House: 5:30-6:00pm

  • Service Technicians will be on hand to answer equipment and plumbing questions.
  • Chemical Specialists including BioGuard Chemical Representatives will be here to answer chemical questions.
  • Bring in a water sample during the Open House for a free analysis and customized recommendations for keeping your spa sparkling clear.
  • Free food and beverages provided.
  • One-night only product discounts for attending the school.

Standard Pool School: 6:00~7:00pm

  • Pool School will cover all the fundamentals of pool care, from chemicals to circulation to equipment.
  • Topics include water balance, chemical explanations, and the basics of how a pool works.

Please let us know if you have a special interest in Salt or alternative chemical Systems, to be sure we cover those options.back to school

Sign up for Pool School and get 10% off Chemicals, Filters, and Maintenance Equipment the night of Pool School (Good that night only)!

Please RSVP here:

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Thank you to all of our customers who attend one of our pool schools in the past, and to Chip at Bioguard for running them.  We hope they are helpful in learning the basics of taking care of your pool!  If you cannot make it or do not want to wait for the next swimming pool school and you would like a mini-support session, please come to the store during less busy times to get more one-on-one time (mid-week during the day generally are slowest) and let our employees know you weren’t able to attend and they will help you with the basics.  Bring a water sample to get advice tailored to your pool or spa.

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