Free Spa School Nov 11, 20% off Chemicals and filters that night only!

hot_tub_schoolTuesday, November 11th

Schedule of Events:

Open House: 5:00-6:00pm

  • Service Technicians will be on hand to answer equipment and plumbing questions.
  • Chemical Specialists including BioGuard Chemical Representatives will be here to answer chemical questions.
  • Bring in a water sample during the Open House for a free analysis and customized recommendations for keeping your spa sparkling clear. – Check out our new state of the art water test system!
  • Free food and beverages provided.
  • One-night only product discounts for attending the school.

Spa School: 6:00~7:00pm

  • Hot Tub School will cover all the fundamentals of spa care, from chemicals to circulation to equipment.
  • Topics include water balance, chemical explanations, and the basics of how a hot tub works.

Sign up for Hot Tub School and get 20% off Spa Chemicals and Filters the night of Spa School!

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