Free Hot Tub School

We have started a monthly Hot Tub School!

This is a great way to learn about the way your spa works and the options for keeping the water looking great.  Spa school is open to new and old Arctic or Nordic Spa owners, as well as hot tub owners of any brand hot tub.

Did you just move to a house that has a hot tub?  This is a great way to learn about how it works and your options for spa care.

Free Hot Tub School is every 1st Thursday of the month from 5-6pm.

Hot Tub School will be split into two sections; come to one or both:


Arctic Spa Specifics: 5:00-5:30pm

  • This section will cover how to use your new Arctic Spa, including specifics on Arctic-proprietary products like Spa Daddy, the Silver Sentinal Filter, the Arctic Salt System, etc.
  • This will also cover basic troubleshooting.


Hot Tub Water Care: 5:30~6:00pm

  • Hot Tub Water Care will cover all the fundamentals of spa care, from chemicals to circulation to equipment.
  • Learn the different optins for caring for your hot tub.
  • Topics include water balance, chemical explanations, and the basics of how a hot tub works.

What to Bring/What to Expect:

  • Classes are expected to be small because of the quantity, so you can have more attention to your specific hot tub.
  • Please bring a water sample for a free analysis and customized recommendations for keeping your spa sparkling clear.  If you are planning to replace the water or haven’t filled the hot tub, bring water from the outside spigot you plan to fill with (come to the school to find out the reason for this)!
  • If you did not purchase the hot tub from us, please come with as much information as you can find about it (if there is an owner’s manual, or the brand and size).  We can make better recommendations based on the the size and style of the hot tub.
  • If looking for replacement filters, bring in the one you currently have so we can match it to the right one.  Did you know there are over 200 sizes of filters? Wow!

Sign up for Hot Tub School and get 10% off Spa Chemicals and Filters the night of Spa School!

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