Above Ground Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet For Above Ground Pools (<10,000 gallons)

Balancing: In any pool, the most important aspect is whether or not the pool is chemically balanced; meaning that the pH, Alkalinity, chlorine and calcium hardness are within their respected values. If any of those fall out of balance, your pool will become much harder to maintain.

Recommended values:

  • PH:                            7.2-7.6        Acidic Vs. Basic Water
  • Alkalinity:                  100-150        Buffers pH
  • Chlorine:                    1-3              Sanitizes the pool
  • Calcium Hardness    200-325       Hard vs. Soft Water

Weekly Maintenance

Step #1: Sanitizer (granular chlorine or chlorine tablets) Sanitizer should actually be added as needed. Chlorine is the most common type of sanitizer. This is the product that actually keeps your pool healthy and clean. Chlorine kills and inhibits bacteria and other unsanitary inhabitants. If the chlorine level in your pool drops below zero, algae can grow and reproduce at much rapider rates. 3” High Tech Tabs: 1 puck per 5,000 1” High Tech Tabs: 4-6 pucks per 5,000 Silk sticks: 1 puck per 5,000 Zip chlor: 1 cup per 5,000 Note: If the weather is unusually hot or if there is an above normal number of people using the pool double the amount of chlorine to accommodate for chlorine consumption and residual loss.

Step #2: Algaecide Algaecide is crucial in all pools. This product should be used every week along with the initial dosage to prevent algae growth in your pool. If algae is present in your pool you will have difficulty maintaining correct chlorine and pH levels. Feel your pool walls, if they start to feel slippery, shock the pool and brush the walls. Note: If algae is present add a triple dose of algaecide and double dose of shock to your pool and scrub the walls. Clean your filter frequently and closely monitor your chlorine reading for the next few days. If you can’t maintain a chlorine reading above 1 ppm bring in a water sample. Proteam Prevent: 5 oz per 10,000 gallons Proteam Polyquat 60: Initial: 6-11 oz per 10,000  Maintenance: 2-4 oz per 10,000 Proteam Microfloc Clarifier: Initial: 14 oz per 10,000 Maintenance: 4 oz per 10,000

Step #3: Shock Shock is a once a week product designed to get rid of extra contaminants and kill bacteria. It will also clear cloudy water and restore diminished chlorine levels. Keep in mind that shock should not be used as a replacement for chlorine. Shock will usually gas off within 24 hours. Proteam Multi-Magic Shock: 1lb per 10,000 Bioguard Smart Shock: 1lb per 10,000

Note: Shock should be applied at night as it is un-stabilized; Meaning that it will burn off faster in sunlight. If pool is especially cloudy or has algae, double the dosage.

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