How to Prepare Your Auto-Cover Pool for Closing

How To: Prepare Your Auto Cover Pool For Closing

Please note: Premier Pool & Spa recommends you contact us at least 30 days before you want your pool closed.  This will ensure you can be scheduled for a time that works best for both you and our service technicians.

1) Balance the water chemistry
Approximately 3 – 7 days prior to closing the pool, adjust your water balance within the ranges below: (this is the most important step as it will prevent damage to the vinyl liner, auto cover and provide you a much cleaner pool upon opening)

pH: 7.4 – 7.6
Alkalinity: 80 – 140 ppm
Chlorine: 1-3 ppm

2) Clean Pool
Shut off heat so water has time to cool.  Skim pool, vacuum pool, brush pool. If pool is especially dirty, has a lot of silt or a lot of algae, vacuum pool to waste (multiport in waste position). This means bypass the filter and vacuum dirt from floors/walls out the backwash line. This prevents constant clogging/cleaning of filter. Brush the pool thoroughly. The pool should be as clean and clear as possible before covering. In short, if you wouldn’t swim in it, you shouldn’t close it.

3) Provide Required Closing Equipment
The pool closing technicians will need a few different items to properly close your pool. These are generally just the 1½” return plugs and the skimmer freeze protection Gizzmo™ towers. Those customers that do not lower their water also need to ensure that the Aquador™ or Skimmer Plug™ are available. If any of the equipment is unavailable, we will sell the customer whatever is required off the truck.

4) Accessibility for the service techs
Please ensure that if you are not available the day of your pool closing, that the service technicians will be able to access your pool equipment, and the pool. Please ensure that the auto cover is accessible (key available, switch box open) and that there are power outlets available to the service techs. If there is only one power outlet accessible outside or the breaker trips often, it is recommended that the closing be scheduled when someone is available at the home to restore power if the service techs require it.

Please make sure all pets are secured. We are experiencing more issues with dog bites and pets running out of gates. We can not be responsible for loose animals and will not do work when animals are loose.

5) Terms of Service
Please be aware that payment is due upon receipt at completion of service.  We do require a credit card on file to set up service. We allow 5 business days before initiating a charge to your credit card.  This allows you to pay by check  or cash if preferred and also allows you time to look over the bill and contact us if there are any questions.

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