Item of the Month of March – Pool Cover Pumps 15% off

Summer is right around the corner which means Pool season is almost here! The month of March we will have our pool cover pumps 15% off. Need to remove snow/water from your pool covers.

A swimming pool cover pump removes water from the pool cover quickly and efficiently. The water can damage your cover, so it is very important to periodically remove water from your pool cover. The following are reasons why everyone should have a pool cover pump:

  • Safety
    • You might not have even realized that a wet swimming pool cover can be a safety risk. The reason is since the pool cover serves as a safety net should a child or pet fall in.
    • Getting a cover pump will ensure your cover is does not have water on it.
  • Maintenance
    • Without a swimming pool cover pump, you still need to remove the water which how will you do that? Round up all your strongest friends to lift the cover off the pool, hire professionals, or dump all the dirty water right into the pool.
  • Pool Cover Care
    • Pool covers are not cheap, so why would you want to risk ruining it by tearing it or stretching it out from large amounts of collected rainwater?
    • Keeping the water pumped off is a good way to save wear and tear and help your cover last.

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