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Item of the Week (August 2nd-8th) – YETI Loadout Buckets and Accessories

Stop in the Store August 2nd-8th to get the YETI LoadOut Bucket and accessories.  Not sure what the LoadOut Bucket is?  Find out below:

The LoadOut™ Bucket holds its own. And pretty much anything else. This 5-gallon, injection-molded essential is 100% YETI tough and designed to exceed any need from the boat to the backyard. It’s the only bucket that we trust to get the job done right each and every time we need it.

How Strong Are LoadOut Buckets?170761-LoadOut-Accessories-Lid-OnBucket-1680x1024

Really damn strong. The LoadOut Bucket is built not to bow, break down, or crack—even with impact. The YETI 5-gallon bucket walls are twice as thick as conventional buckets and are made out of rigid HDPE plastic.

Is The LoadOut Bucket Insulated?

No, the LoadOut Bucket is not intended to keep your provisions cold.

Is The LoadOut Bucket Food Safe?

Yes, the YETI LoadOut Bucket is food safe. These 5-gallon buckets are ideal for hauling your freshly-boiled crawfish to the table, transporting a team’s worth of sunflower seeds to the game, or carrying any other food you need to get from here to there. So while the bucket is not insulated, it is food safe for anything you need to store or lug around.

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