January Newsletter 2017

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Everyone hot tubs differently. How we used our tub when it was new is NOT how we use the tub today. Your Arctic Spa is such a healthy choice, Your ideas can help the Arctic families get the most of their tubs.

A lady came in for chemicals and of course I said “How is your tub?” She said now that the kids are back at college the tub never gets used. I liked to go out with my kindle (in a waterproof sleeve), a glass of wine right before bed…she blinked and I could see the light bulb above her head. I just saw her last week and she LOVES her tub again. hot-tub-reading

Send in the best way YOU use your tub – You can earn chemicals at the store when you interact  🙄

Is your cover really closed?

If there is any heat escaping you will see it in the air around the hot tub, in the snow load on top of the tub. Take a quick peak out at the tub and see if there is any heat escaping – there should be NONE.cover-leaking If you are seeing the hinge for the cover snow free (or steam rising) you may want to slide the cover together when you get out with a little extra push. This will tighten up that seam and seal the heat inside where it belongs. (you may notice I can’t find any pictures of the Arctic covers leaking) but I do push my swim spa covers together every time we get out just to make sure.

I really need your pictures!

I know I sound like a broken record but my new office is located on the expanded “Arctic” side of the store. I have a LOT of bare (or should I say “Bear” ) walls that need pictures instead of the Arctic Bear logo. My idea is to take as many pictures of spa placements out there and build a collage so people can get ideas for their own back yards. I also want to blow up some of the cooler shots. Instead of me going out to each of your homes again for pictures I was hoping you could send in your spa pictures.

Again, You can earn chemicals at the store when you interact  🙄

Recap of 2016 newsletters 

January- Connectivity, What is spa Boy, Filters and what is available, Automatic Chem program

February – New updates, Why buy Chemicals from a pool store, Early Buy Savings, System Flush before refilling

March – What I learned at the factory, A little more about filters, Why you drain your spa, Cover and Cabinet worn?

April – Spring drain and fill balance cheat sheet, More Maintenance ideas for your cover and cabinet, Shocking the spa with the cover open, Navigating myarcticspa.com

May –  Flushing and filling the tub for the season, pillow talk, All Chemicals not created equally, Getting to the store difficult?

June – Fires in Canada, why you shock the tub, Salt water issues, How to use the hot tub when it is hot outside.

July – You just have to be connected!, Trouble shooting Connectivity flow chart, Annual Dealer meeting R& D, Information on Facebook

August – Retrofitting your Arctic Spa, Parts and special items

September – What makes your pH change, draining your tub, Firmware alert

October – Getting ready for winter doesn’t have to be a chore, no more itchy skin, I need your pictures

November – How is your hot tub experience survey, Disposable filters, New Holiday scents are available, Chemical replacement form available, Whats new at the store

December – When you need to do something with your filters, Water Quality in the winter, Winter hot tub issues, Why hot tubbing is so good for you.

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