January Spa Newsletter

January 2016


My New Year’s Resolution is to send a monthly news letter to all the Arctic Spa owners, to insure you have all the latest news from Arctic. If you are not interested in having this sent to you – just drop me an email and I will stop sending it


Our tubs became WiFi equipped and you can run your tub from your phone when it is in range.  You can  connect your home network but it seems to be more complicated to get the home network set up.  As with all technology it seemed to have been cool but hardly worth the hassle. Arctic then came up with  Ethernet over power and we found that it was a more stable platform. It runs over the spa power line instead of a wiFi signal

We connect with “the cloud” have launched myarcticspa.com. This website allows the factory to monitor any spa around the world once it is connected. We are able to look at how your spa is performing and help to find those illusive problems without the continuous service calls that drive everyone crazy. We are also able to help you trouble shoot some water issues. We were able to find some filter presets that were causing some of the cloudiness. We also periodically go through everyone’s settings and make sure that all the programming are set correctly. If you get a random email from me I may have questions about your settings or have alerted you to a change I have made.

If you are going on vacation you can drop me an email and I will help monitor your spa. Leave me a contact name & number and I can even call to tell them what to do or we can set up an emergency service call if there is an issue. Finally, a spa owners No worry vacation!

Even though the ethernet over power solved 95% of our connectivity issues there are still a few people who struggle to connect with their spas. Arctic came up with a 3rd way to connect and this is the WiFi extender. These are a little less user friendly but easier than the original WiFi. With these 3 connections we can solve almost any Arctic spa connectivity issue. If you are having difficulty, we are learning new ways to solve them every day. The connectivity issues are customer serviceable because routers, phones and internet issues(other than the spa) play a big part in connectivity. Most issues are resolved by trial and error. Call and we can try to walk you through issues. If it gets beyond us we can also call the factory and see if they can help us through

Particular problem areas
Homes with multiple electrical service boxes and
routers with 5G capabilities


spa-boySpa Boy

This system is the next generation of the Onzen Salt system. We use Medical grade probes to constantly check the
water and let you know what needs to be adjusted. The Onzen system automatically increases the amount of chlorine needed and the pH will give you a warning to adjust it one way or the other. The verdict is in world wide and it seems to make checking chemicals a breeze. We have found that the pH tends.to rise automatically because of the salt system (naturally has a high pH). The smaller the tub the faster this will occur.  We have not come up with a safe way to automatically deliver the acid into the tub yet so we rely on you to make those adjustments for now. The Spa boy allows your tub to have less chemicals (which reads low on the test strips) because it maintains constant chlorine.Pool and spa owners know we have tried to have the Chlorine levels stay at least at a 1 as an industry standard to insure consistent sanitation but with the Spa Boy technology we can maintain that constant sanitation level  at a lower level.



The Arctic spa filtration  system allows  you to dial in the filters to best meet your particular needs. There is some confusion about what filters to use and how to use them. Here is a rough overview for MN water

Silver Sentinel – The Sentinel group are silver based and are disposable. They filter down to 1 micron which elevates the need for a metal remover. (The liquid metal removers actually break down the filter).
Tall –Has the most square footage of Silver Sentinel available.
Rescue Bag – Least expensive option to pull metals out of the water. For short term use only
Short – only filter that work with the rescue bag.


Pleated – The pleated filters down to 3 microns. A liquid metal remover is needed in tandem to remove metals from the water. The sequestering agent makes the metal partials bigger so the filter can remove them.

These filters should be cleaned with a chemical cleaner every 30-60 days and rinsed with water after heavy usage. Lasts up to 2 years.


Mix and match them to make your water as clear as it can be. Bring in a water sample and think about how you use the tub. Are you most interested in ease, convenience, or budget conscious and self sufficient. We can help you come up with the best combination for your needs. 

Auto Chem program

We are getting ready to launch the chemical delivery line to our website You will be able to mark what you need and we will send it out the next day.

Before it launches you have the ability to email me and I can send out your chemicals and spa needs. I will ship that out to you at a designated time so you never have to run out of chemicals.

Pam Dionne
2985 Water Tower Place
Chanhassen MN 55368
(952) 368-6070

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