July Newsletter

You Just have to be connected!

You will just love to be connected with the free app at myarcticspa.com – If you have ever had something going on with the hot tub and you couldn’t put your finger on the problem you can call us and we can keep an eye on it for you. No more guessing – we can see the system running in real time and we can diagnose whats going on even before we come out and see the tub. We can update you if you don’t have wiFi  (as long as you have the global pack) if your wiFi unit just isn’t working or if you need trouble shooting your connectivity. I am here to help.

Trouble Shooting Connectivity 

17486 QRC_EoP.pdf

Dealer Annual Meeting

The bulk of R & D (research and development) resources the last couple years has gone to developing and advancing the OnSpa/SpaBoy platform.

  • Enhance connection issue to overcome weak router connection, ping blocks etc.
  • Ability to reset the pack remotely (I can work on the spa from here so you don’t have to :))
  • Ability to reconfigure low level programming (again, so I can work on the spa)
  • Decrease the data usage of the tub
  • Calibration of the salt levels and the probes remotely

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