June Newsletter

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Do you need Chemicals sent to you?

Everyone has so much on their plates that it is hard to get to the store when your spa needs it. We have an easy way to help with our shipment offer. It’s quick and easy.

Fires in Canada


The fires in Alberta raged out of control. Our friends to the North lost thousands of homes and we watched closely as the fires moved toward the Oil fields and the Arctic spa plant. Thanks to some much needed rain almost all the fires are contained and the plant is again firing on all cylinders.

In the heat of the crisis something interesting happened. There were Arctic spa owners contacting the plant saying how thankful they were to Arctic for the Ethernet Over Power option and the FREE app that drives the spa from their mobile devices. They were able to see that their spas were working and still on-line and they knew that their home was still standing even though they had evacuated.


Why You Shock Your Hot Tub

Most tubs are either on Chlorine, Bromine or Salt. It is important to remember that when the sanitize is working it is designed to grab the bacteria and hang onto it so you won’t get sick. The most common example of this is whenever you visit a public pool there is a “chlorine” smell. That smell is actually a Chloramine which is a Chlorine with a bacteria. In order to get rid of them you need to shock them. Keep the cover open and give it a good shock. The Chlorine will be free to kill the bacteria again! Shock is designed to go in and out of the spa quickly so you don’t have a huge chlorine level for more than 15 minutes (then you can close the cover) * you can’t over shock but you can certainly under shock.


Salt Water Issues

If you ever have an issue with your salt water cell either not making enough sanitizer or you think there may be a problem you can look at a few things. Here is a chart that you can follow to see if you need to call.

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Do you use your hot tub when it’s hot out?

Lots of people don’t even think about using the hot tub when it is hot out. The water doesn’t have to be hot though. You can turn the heater way down into the 80’s and use it as a cold tub!


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