Lilypad Maui Mats

aqua lily pad cropped

We now have Maui Mats by Aqua Lily Pad in stock and ready for sale.

The Maui Mat is two feet longer than the original Lilypad, pictured above, allowing even more friends to share the fun.

The Maui Mat has plenty of space for all your friends and family to lounge around the water at a whopping 6′ wide x 20′ long.  It’s 1 3/8″ thickness helps keep everyone afloat, whether standing, sitting, or lounging.  It is made in the USA of cross-linked foam, keeping it strong but light, weighing only 32 pounds.  130705_00004

We also have a limited number of 6×18 Aqua Lily Pads and 6 x 14 Maui Mats and the Big Kahuna Mat available for sale as well.  The Big Kahuna is three layers and 6’x22′ and only avialable in the store.


Maui Mat 14 foot: $399.99

Lily Pad 18 foot: $479.99

Maui Mat 20 foot: $499.99

3 Ply Big Kahuna Maui Mat 22 foot: $599.99

The Maui Mat comes in a 2’x2’x6’5″ box so it should fit in the back of a truck or SUV with the seats down, and it comes with straps and tethers to attach to the back of your boat.

Please note, due to the limited stock and high demand for these items, we are no longer doing rentals for Maui Mats to allow for customers waiting for sales.  If you would like to purchase a Maui Mat, please call us at 952-368-6070 to check for inventory.  Because they are moving quickly, we suggest ordering over the phone to guarantee stock when you come in.

Stop in the store to purchase your Maui Mat, or visit our webstore All Weather Goods if you would like it shipped.  *Please note, the cost is less in store because there are no shipping costs.  This is packaged in an oversize box and therefore very expensive to ship.

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