March 2017

My newsletters normally come out the first of the month but I was up in Thorsby Alberta Canada at the factory training. Dealers get together to find out about the new products, solutions for any issues that may be occurring. There were a few things this year that I want to show you.

New waterproof, smash proof display board and tablet. 

We were working on a display topside board that would do the things that a waterproof tablet would do. You could load your music on it, load your book on it, stream live video on it. We decided to create the software instead of working on the hardware. No sense remaking the wheel – right?

Introducing the waterproof tablet that can be universal to the house. It is a little pricey right now but we have a few in stock. If you are interested I am putting them up for sale at $600 – it is another cool new feature not a necessity. I will get more down if they are in demand.

Aquatremor and the study of Vibroacoustic Therapy


An alternative health therapy for chronic pain is the use of sound waves in water which can ripple through our bodies and help in healing. The AquaTremor (transducers on the shell) can be used in this type of therapy. The tones are sometimes far to low for speakers so the Aquatremor is a perfect vehicle for sound waves traveling through water.

Do NOT play these files on regular speakers

Introduction.mp3 2. Low Back.mp3 1. 3. Neck & Shoulders.mp3 4. Sore Muscles.mp3

Read more from The leading doctor Olav Skille

Lactic Acid release occurs faster in water than on land

utah_state_university_logo-svg Authors: Ron Garner, Dale R. Wagner, Eadric Bressel, Dennis G. Dolny  2014, 8, 9 – 19

This study was conducted to compare whether the lactate threshold (when lactic acid starts to build up in the blood stream with intense exercising) is different when running on land vs. an aquatic treadmill

15 adults free of musculoskeletal injury and recreationally active runners participated in this study. Each participant was tested on land and water

The point where the Lactic acid started to build up in the blood stream occurred at a statistically significantly lower level in the water compared with land.

This study shows that aquatic therapy is beneficial to achieve threshold-intensity training while lowering the joint stress that is caused by land running. Running in an Arctic All Weather Pool or spa Achieve threshold intensity faster than on land.

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