March Newsletter

I am back from Arctic!

So why would I go back to Arctic every year?  I go back to learn about the new products available and sit with other Arctic dealers from across the world. This year we discussed Spa Boy. For those of you who have it – you are the only ones in the world that have the technology. For those of you who may be interested. Most dealers are finding that Spa Boy with Peak 1 ozone if the most successful combination. We have retrofit several spas and the results are spectacular. I personally have these technologies on my All Weather Pool and from early September until now I have added 2 capfuls of spa down and added shock after 3 parties and that is it.

Pam's spa boy

Here is my Swim spa. What I see from a dealer prospective is that My  Chlorine needs a boost which spa boy is taking care of  (green squggly lines) The lightning bolt says that the unit is currently making chlorine and the cell in the middle of the screen is functioning properly. When I am done with work it will be ready for me to swim again.

I also learned a little bit more about how I can help you from the store manage your water and spa better. You will periodically get a message from me that may say I changed some settings on the spa and why. If you would rather not have me check up on your spa I can skip you for sure.

I also learned about how some people are fixing connectivity issues around the world. If you are still having trouble connecting, drop me a note and I can help.

A Little More About Filters


Arctic spa gives us the ability to use either a pleated filter (cleanable) or the silver Sentinel product line (disposable).

Here is how I use them. Maybe it will help.

  • Refilling is done with the well water at my house. I have a lot of iron and high pH so when possible I pull 1/2 from the hose and 1/2 from the house which runs through a softener (low pH) this gives me the almost balanced water that I am looking for (adjustment time is normally about 2 hours instead of days and days of fighting that battle)
  • Because of the iron I use a pair of tall silver sentinels and a pre-filter hose attachment. I let these run checking daily to insure they are not clogged.
  • Once they have pulled out the iron (usually 2-5 days) I pull them out and let them dry out. Because they are not clogged I actually store them until the next fill. They usually last for 2 fills (unless the iron is high from the well).
  • I run the 2 tall pleated when it is my family and normal usage. I rinse them weekly (every 2 weeks if I am lazy)
  • When there are visitors I ask that the short silver sentinels and the rescue bags be put in. This is double protection from the soap from “others” swim suits, other people’s bio-film etc. (that’s just a nice way of saying other peoples anything in my water). Our spa is usually just us but when there are “others” there are lots of them so this disposable option works best for my family. The day after the party the bags and the short silver sentinels go in the garbage and the family tall pleated go back in.
  • In the summer I have had a dog go in the swim spa. I use the rescue bags to collect the majority of the hair. Remember 1 dog has as much “bio-film” as 10 people. If you are ready for it and have the proper filter regiment it is a lot of fun and great exercise for your pet.
  • I also use the rescue bag in spring/fall with lots of pollen/leaves.

We are moving away from the short pleated and a rescue bag. The pleated short is not enough to filter by itself and we have found many people just pulling the rescue bag and not replacing it or putting in the tall filter. Cloudy tubs have come about with this practice because the shorty just doesn’t have the filter surface needed.

Why drain your spa


Nothing says Spring like a good spring cleaning of your spa. We like to clean the lines, drain, clean and fill spas in the spring so all the winter usage goes away with the melting ice. If your sanitation levels are at a 1-3ppm then letting it go on the grass should not do any damage. Many of you have heard my story about why you change the water but for those who haven’t – here goes:

If you have a bowl of cereal (your tub) and you add sugar (chemicals) after you continue to add chemicals (over the winter) you will get sugar sitting at the bottom of the bowl. It no longer makes the cereal taste any differently and that excess sugar is just wasted.


Is your Cabinet or cover looking worn?

The ease of taking care of the outside of your spa is great. When the snow has been sitting against the cabinet it sometimes leaves a dull finish and left longer will turn almost gray. If you go to any hardware or paint store get a small amount of natural deck stain. I have had to buy a gallon and will last you for years!


  • Deck stain
  • Paper Towels
  • Rubber gloves

A small amount of stain on the paper towel and wipe down the cabinet is all that is necessary. Let it dry and you are done!

The cover needs a non-petroleum based product to clean. The UV protection will help protect it from fading. (Yes we have it in the store) You just don’t want armor all and other petroleum products because they will eventually fall into the water and will cloud your water and gum up your filters.


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