2017 May Newsletter

Condition your spa cover and siding

I looked out at my spa yesterday and the cover looked spotty. Upon closer inspection I found that it was yellow with pollen. The siding on the sunny side didn’t look quite as vibrant as the other side too. If you are ready to polish up the spa for summer there are a few tricks.

Cover: Inspect the zipper when you fold it in half. Make sure that both sides are still light (relatively) and use a non-petroleum based product. If you use something like Armour All  the oils can seep through the fabric and drip into the tub. (of course we have the product plus a UV protector in the store)

Cedar Siding: If you have any dings in the siding you can light sand them out. You will want to go to any paint store (the factory uses natural deck stain from Lowes) it is a clear stain the brings back the yellow in the wood and protects it from the weather for another year.

Scale: If you have a white line that feels like sand paper or a white scale on the black plastic it is because you live in MN and our water is hard. The stain and scale product on a rag can help that or for more severe scale there are other products.

Why Spa water is different than Pool water

For those of you with a pool and a spa, some of the chemicals can be used in both but not all. There are reasons (that don’t include selling you more) for the differences in chemicals.

  • Spas have a much faster turn-over rate than a pool. As water flows through the piping, the more rapidly moving water creates a difference in the pressure on the water that causes carbon dioxide to exit the water. This causes the pH to increase and the alkalinity to decrease.
  • The higher temperature of the spa creates an environment that speeds the reproduction rate of bacteria.
  • Chemical reactions happen more quickly in the higher temperatures.
  • Chlorine (and Bromine) deplete more rapidly in hot water.
  • Increases the production of sweat by bathers,
  • Calcium is less soluble in warm water so there is a higher likelihood for calcium scale to develop in spas
  • Volume of water per bather (2 people in a 250 gallon spa is equivalent to 80 people in a 10,000 gallon pool).

Your filters and circulation of the water are also important. With all these things working against the spa water it is important to maintain proper sanitation weekly. If you are having trouble we are here to help. A simple schedule can solve most water quality issues.

If you need a refresher on the use of your spa, water or chemical brush up. We are offering our Spring Pool School. You are more than welcome to come because it is also Spa School!

Spa School

Monday May 8th from 6p-7p

Bring a sample of your water, we have hors d oeuvres and snacks. The rep from BioGuard will be here to help with specific questions and our staff with 30+ average (except me) years have yet to be stumped. Come join us!


Strength Training Study

imgres  Author: Brad S, Lambert, Nicholas P. Greene, Alex Carradine, Dustin Joubert, John S. Green (FACSM), Stephen F. Crouse (FACSM)

This study was conducted in order to explore the differences in soreness, inflammation, muscle-mass gain and loss of body fat between resistance training along , with land treadmill aerobic exercise and resistance training with underwater treadmill aerobic exercise.

47 healthy, sedentary volunteers participated in this study. Tested 24 hours before and after initial acute exercise. Resistance Training, Resistance Training plus land treadmill and resistance training plus underwater treadmill.

There was a benefit in almost every aspect to the resistance training plus underwater treadmill. This exercise reduced soreness, body fat and inflammation. It also improved muscle mass and strength performance. Results also show that with resistance training plus underwater treadmill,the blood pressure was lower which was not the case when a land treadmill was used

Concurrent resistance training plus underwater treadmill elicits greater increases in lean mass and strength than resistance training alone or resistance training with a land treadmill. These results challenge the view that training for both strength and endurance are universally incompatible.  Arctic All Weather Pool or spa Enhances strength and lean mass gain.

Arctic Spa services Exclusive at Premier Pool & Spa

Spa Product Order On-Line – just fill out the form and we will ship you the chemicals you need.

Annual Auto Chemical Package – 4 times a year we will automatically send your chemicals, filters to you.

Arctic Spa Maintenance Package – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa so you just have to enjoy your Arctic Spa

Just Soak (Any spa) Program – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa twice a year PLUS weekly service where we balance your water and maintain a clear spa all year long for you.


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