May Newsletter

Spring if finally here (for real this time)!

Now is time to clean and Drain your spa! Here are a few things to rememberspring image

  • If you are going to cleanse the lines with a system flush (or that last bag with the Trio system you will need to pull your filters first.
  • This is a great time to clean those filters as well. Chemically cleaning them will remove oils and things that you can’t see but decrease the life of your filters.
  • Turn on all the jets that may have been inadvertently turned off
  • Turn on the waterfall and all the diverters that may have been turned off too.
  • It sounds silly but Always turn the power to the spa off as well.
  • Wipe down the spa but don’t use harsh chemicals. We sell some products but vinegar and water works really well on some of those tough scale marks.

Pillow Talk


I have heard that some people are having trouble with the pillows breaking down in the water. The best way to keep this from happening is to have balanced water. This being said it is easier said than done to be spot on 100% of the time. Water can always bounce back but the pillows can take a beating from the distractions of life.

They are easily taken out of the spa – Taking them out and putting them next to the spa works really well too. IF you let them get out of the water (even lifting them up out of the water and still in the spa) will help keep them longer.


Chemicals are not all created equally

Premier Pool & Spa uses the largest chemical manufacturer in the world (BioGuard) They have no fillers and are pure. When you run up to the hardware store, big box store or someone else you are playing chemical roulette.
  • some have fillers (adding stuff to your tub that doesn’t need to be there)
  • Some aren’t what they say they are (false claims and inferior chemicals)
The biggest difference is that with my products comes … ME. I know my products and can help with dosage, problems and issues you may be dealing with much more effectively when I know the products I am telling you to use. We are all problem solvers here at the store and we love to help!

Is getting to the store hard for you?

We know that getting to the store when you need supplies is not always easy. Here is a quick link to our products and I can send them to you.

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