Why Minnesota Hot Tubs NEED to be Different

The Base 

  • When it is cold out there are critters that will do just about anything to get warm. They chew through most Hot Tub bases to gain access to the warmth inside your spa.
  • Changing your backyard shouldn’t mean pouring concrete when you want your spa moved
  • Having a stable base will insure longevity of your spa investment

The Cabinet

  •   You need something that holds up with the wide range of temperatures, humidities and keep the animals from crawling between the base and the cabinet.
  • You need easy access when it is cold out. Fix anything in minutes instead of digging out foam to try to see what is going on is expensive and down right cold
  • Energy efficiency is so important when it is -20. The more often the heater fires the more expensive the energy costs. Poorly insulated hot tubs can cost hundreds of dollars each month.

 24 degrees and this is what your tub should be costing you.

The Cover

  • Just like the roof on your house it is important to have a top that will last the test of time in the harshest of climates
  • You need something that won’t fill up with water, get heavy and let the heat out when it is cold.
  • Snow and ice weighs a LOT. If your cover can’t support the weight of a person, how will it support the weight of a winter of Minnesota snow.
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