New Spa Plan

Water chemistry – Test and adjust chemicals as needed Chemicals are not included

Filter cartridges Check/clean as needed – Customer is required to purchase filters as needed

Spa cover – Clean and condition as needed – Materials are included

Spa shell – Wipe down at/above water line to avoid “bathtub ring”

Perform a full diagnostic check of the spa operation – this will be done Monthly, unless a problem is noted

Instruction – Provide answers as requested and recommendations as needed. It is the customer’s responsibility to properly maintain the water level in the spa.

This package does not include any labor or parts for repairs. Should the technicians find a mechanical issue with the spa, the customer will be informed and a service call may be initiated upon approval from the customer. If the spa is under a Premier warranty a service tech will be scheduled. If it is under another company warranty that will be the homeowners responsibility

Plan cost (1 month minimum, 2 month maximum): $300/month

For questions and scheduling, please contact Pati or Jen @ 952-368-6070 or or

This is a short-term plan (1-2 months) for new spa owners and is designed to help the customer maintain the spa while learning the overall process. During this plan, our maintenance techs will provide the following services (weekly):

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