November / December

Is your Tub ready for the season? 

While we have a few more days of warmth. Take this time to open the doors on the spa cabinet and do a quick inspect before the cold takes hold.

You have a 5 year warranty on most of the spa components (a few exceptions are the pillows, the cover, cover lift, aquatremor and spa boy).

If you notice something, give us a call, we are here to help.

Service Spotlight                

Some of you have had problems with the spa pumps surging when the pump is engaged. Remember that you need to have the level of the water high enough to not starve the pump. Keep the water high enough to keep the weirs floating. There is a lot of evaporation in the winter months.

You will probably have to add water to the spa sometime over the winter. It can be a pain but some solutions are a bucket brigade from the house to the spa, running a hose throughout the house from the 1 old faucet that still accepts a hose out to the spa or overfilling the spa now hoping it will make it all the way to spring.

Whatever you decide, just make sure the water is high enough to insure the spa runs properly over the winter.

Scale on your tub

Are you noticing a Sandpaper feel to the tub? Our water in Minnesota is very high in pH (most of us) This leaves the remnants on equipment and spa surfaces.  

Are you using Stain and Scale? This product will brake down the scale and put it into solution so your filter can take it away. If you are using the silver sentinel filters the Stain and Scale product will break down that filter so please call to discuss your options.

Look at the new app for SpaBoy 

I let my tub go a little sideways so it would give me this screen. Now I can show you all the things that SpaBoy can tell you at a glance.

#1. You can see the blue boxes at the bottom of the screen are new. You now have the ability to set the chlorine levels for the type of usage you have. I have mine set at a low level – if I am going to have company in the tub over the holidays I can turn it to medium or high set level so there won’t be any times when the chlorine (ORP) sinks so low as not to keep my guests safe.

#2 the red battery is showing me my cell life expectancy. I have a replacement ready to go. As soon as this one fails, I can replace it. There is no need to drain the tub and it truly takes only a few minutes to replace. If you need help, stop in or call me and we can go through it again.

#3. The circle on the left has a line above it which means the generator is on and the circle on the right is saying that it is currently generating chlorine. I can test the system by visually checking that these things are true.

#4. My pH has started to rise. This is natural for a salt tub but it will knock the scale out of the water (see above).

I will go home and put in the pH down, wait to see when the cell expires, make that change out and all my lights will be green again. Call me if you have problems and we will look at  yours together.


Here are some of the questions that I have had recently about filters.

Q. Can I run my spa without filters. A. Yes, but your spa will cloud pretty quickly without the filters. Make sure nothing big can get pulled down into the motors because there isn’t anything to “filter”.

Q. How often do I have to change my filters. A. The filters should last the life of the spa water but sometimes iron from the source water, makeup, oils and toxins from our bodies clog the filters.

Q. My filters look pretty good, do I really have to change them. A. The Arctic spa has 2 kinds of filters and lots of variations for them. The pleated (blue top) can be cleaned and generally last 2 years. You do need to clean them to make them last that long. You should rinse them often and clean them when the water is being changed. The honey comb (grey top) are a disposable filter. These can not be cleaned. Once they are full, you throw them away. They filter down to 1 micron and can not be used with any metal out, stain and scale, trio products. You may have to change these more often depending upon what is in your source water but the chemicals you save offset this cost pretty easily.

If you have filter questions or you are having issues with your water quality. Filters could be an issue. Let me know if you would like to talk about these things further.

Arctic Spa services Exclusive at Premier Pool & Spa

Spa Product Order On-Line – just fill out the form and we will ship you the chemicals you need.

Annual Auto Chemical Package – 4 times a year we will automatically send your chemicals, filters to you.

Arctic Spa Maintenance Package – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa so you just have to enjoy your Arctic Spa

Just Soak (Any spa) Program – Drain, Clean & Fill your spa twice a year PLUS weekly service where we balance your water and maintain a clear spa all year long for you.


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