November Newsletter

How is your hot tub experience?

It is important that we do our very best by our customers and we like to hear how you liked buying your hot tub and how we can improve our services. We listen to your opinion and base many of our future plans on what you tell us


Disposable filters? Why would you consider them?

Tall Silver Sentinel (disposable) filters down to 1 micron. With the iron in our water these are wonderful to pull out the metals without chemicals. They do clog more quickly with the amount of iron in some of the wells. These are disposable and shouldn’t be used with a metal sequestering agent like Stain & Scale or metal gone because it will break down the filter. You don’t need those chemicals because they filter down to 1 macron  Life expectancy is 30-60 days.

These are great in the wintertime when you want a clean filter

We have great new scents!

Aromatherapy is about using natural oils to enhance your well-being. Aromatherapy is great for pain relief, mood enhancement and increased focus.

The New Arctic spas (2016) all come with an air diffuser built right into the tub. We just received a lot of new scents for them Pina Colada, Citrus Sorbet, Wildflowers, Summer Orchard, Peach Passion, Evening Musk and Sandalwood spice.

If your spa didn’t come with the diffuser then we have scents for that too. If you want a little Aromatherapy we have trial sizes, liquids, crystals.

Chemical replacement

As the weather gets colder we start shipping a lot more chemicals. People have found that it is really easy to fill out a form and have your chemicals arrive than to drive to the store to grab them. You can always email me too and I can send them to you. My goal is to keep you warm so stay home and let me ship them to you.

If you haven’t been to the store yet this season

The little known fact about Premier Pool & Spa is we have a huge on-line store that has hundreds of holiday ideas. We have a kiosk in the store that has all the items we have on line (NOT JUST POOL THINGS). Feel free to get anything on line but remember we also have all of that (if it’s in stock) its here.

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