October Newsletter

Getting Ready for Winter doesn’t have to be a chore 

Your water should be changed a few times a year and because we have such a long winter we wait until the late fall to dump, clean and fill them back up.

There is a product called system flush or for those of you on Trio bag 3. This is a great way to clean all the skin and “biologicals” out of the pipes. Remember to pull the filters and let that product work for a few hours on a nice weekend day. Cover open of course.

  • Hint #1. I always use paper towels because the oils that come up are easily smeared and never come out of the sponge
  • Hint #2. If you are using system flush I would keep a little in the bottle to use on the paper towel to help wipe that film off

Turn off the power and drain the tub. We use a small submersible pump that we get at the big hardware stores to pump the tub in short order. The drains that come with the tub are gravity fed and can take a REALLY long time.

Climb in and clean the inside. This is the time to get rid of any of the sand, dirt or smudges that live at the bottom of the spa (in that random corner and can never get out) Inspect anything that you may not have seen for a while. Make sure if you are using a household cleaner that you rinse it really well or you could have soap in the spa when you fill it.

Fill it back up and turn on the power. Starting chemicals and any help remembering where to start are available at the store or email me and I will help.

How does your cabinet look? I usually take the time to waterproof the natural cabinet at this time of year. It will help protect the cabinet from snow sitting on it over the winter.

  • Natural Deck stain from the hardware or paint store works the best.
  • I apply it with a paper towel liberally. Just make sure you don’t have a ton of drips.

Check on your cover. With all the rain many have not opened the spa. What happens to the covers is the rain seeps through the fabric and starts to fill the tub. When it is nice it would be best to open the cover and let it drip dry off the ends. There are UV protective products that you can put on but please don’t use Armor All or other petroleum based products. The oils are a nightmare to get out of the water!

You can order chems directly from the website too.

NO More Itchy skin

One of the problems I hear a lot about is dry itchy skin especially in the winter after people are in the hot tub.

pH is the main culprit – when the pH is low the water is acidic (very hard on the equipment AND your skin). Chlorine takes a bad rap most of the time but if you Chlorine is at 3 the relative comparison is 1″ to a mile.

Borates are a great addition to the water. They are one of the few chemicals that help 2 fold. Borates make the water feel better (almost a soft water feel) and have some maintenance savings too. They buffer the pH to keep it from moving and help the chlorine do a better job so you don’t have to use so much.


There are borates in the Trio system and if you are not currently on that system you can add a product called FOUNDATION that will introduce borates into the water – one addition each water cycle is plenty.


It is time to take pictures for the contest. When winter strikes and we are doing all the maintenance for the store, website, advertising etc. I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE TO ADD YOUR PHOTOS TO THE WEBSITE. We are offering 10% off chemical coupons for hot tub photos submitted.

When people are considering buying a hot tub or looking at the backyard space they get ideas from websites. My customers have some of the coolest hot tub environments and I would love to share them with people.

If you are proud of your hot tub space I would love to highlight it in our social media. If you don’t want your name on it – that’s ok too. Please send pictures!!!!!

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