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Is it almost time to open your swimming pool? Maybe you’re a first time pool owner or perhaps you’ve had someone maintain your pool before and you want to start. What better time than now?

How To: Prepare Your Pool for Opening!

This short, informative guide will prepare you and your pool for our service technicians to open your pool for the summer! If this guide does not answer all the questions you may have, please contact us.
Please note: Premier Pool & Spa recommends that you contact us at least 30 days before the date that you would like your pool opened, this will ensure that you can be scheduled for a time that works best both for you and our service technicians.1. Check water level and raise water to running level.
1. When opening pools in the spring, most pools require you to raise the water level before we arrive to open them. The water level should be at the middle of the square skimmer openings when the service techs arrive to open the pool. If you pool appears to have collected water up to the top or higher than the skimmer openings in the spring, it is recommended to use a submersible pump to lower the water to the middle of the skimmer openings. If you do not have a submersible pump, the water can usually be lowered by backwashing or running the water to waste after our service techs start your pool equipment.2. Prepare auto cover or mesh cover for opening.
Please have your auto cover pump running and continuously pumping any water off the cover to have it ready for the opening, if we are not cleaning your auto cover for you, please remove any heavy debris from it also. For those with mesh covers, please have them cleaned and removed completely from the pool before the service techs arrival. Otherwise we will remove and clean all mesh covers left on the pool when opening it and you will be billed for the mesh cover removal. (please have mesh cover storage bag available on opening)

3. Have required pool parts available.
The service techs will need all circle 1½” return eyeballs available, and all skimmer baskets available to start the pool upon opening. For all covers, please have a pool brush and net available, and a key or switch accessible for your auto cover, and the mesh storage bag available for your mesh cover. If you have stored a ladder or railings, the techs will need them accessible to install. They will also need your D.E. or cartridge filters available if we did not clean and store them in our warehouse over winter. Any other miscellaneous parts for the pool will have been stored in your skimmer baskets by our service technicians over the winter, and should be left with the skimmer baskets for them to have available. If not available on opening, required parts will be taken off service truck and you will be billed for them.

4. Final check-over
Finally, you will want to double check to ensure your pool equipment has power to it(breakers on, etc), that the service techs can get in to the pool area and any chemicals you would like the service techs to use to start clearing your pool are available (chlorine, D.E., PH adjusters, algaecides, metal controllers). If you need additional chemicals brought on the opening, please inform us when you are scheduling your opening, also if you need any additional work done upon opening; please schedule it when scheduling your opening.

All of us here at Premier Pool & Spa thank you for choosing us for your pool service needs! If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns on preparing for your pool opening, please contact us, any one of our employees will be glad to help!



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