How to Perform a System Flush

How to Perform a System Flush on Your Spa

System Flush is a chemical that is used to clean all Biofilm from the surface and internal parts in your spa. It is safe for use in any whirlpool, spa, or even fountain. Spa System Flush uses an “earth-friendly” formula without soaps, detergents or alcohol.

  1. A system flush takes place prior to draining the existing water.
  2. Remove filters and cover
  3. Pour all but 2-3 ounces of SeaKlear System flush into your hot tub water.
    a. If you have diverter valves / “zones” for the jets in your tub, be sure to open the different zones in order to flush all areas of your spa.
    b. Run your jets on high several times during the flushing period.
    c. Your tub will foam. The system flush will generate a large amount of foam as it removed films, organics, etc from the internal plumbing. Be prepared for remediation of the foam if your tub is indoors.
  4. Let Circulate 12-24 hours.
  5. Drain water, cleaning the inside shell as it drains. Use the reserved system flush to aid in removing any dried on debris. Rinse well.
  6. We recommend performing a system flush every time you drain the tub.  With frequent flushing, the length of time and amount of system flush you need to add to the tub will diminish.   (1/2 bottle of system flush and a minimum of 1 hour of flush time)
  7. While performing a system flush on your hot tub, it is also a great time to clean your filters.  Start by using a hose or sprayer to remove large debris on filter and between pleats. Allow filters to dry.  Once dry, submerge the filters in a mixture of filter cleaner and hot water.  Let soak for 24 hours.  Rinse well.  Let dry then return them to spa.

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