Plan your summer projects now


Now is the time to start planning for all your summer projects. If your project is outside it is incredibly important to start getting on people’s schedules now.

I believe most Minnesotans are like bears…in the wintertime we relax a little, sit back and don’t worry about all the projects that aren’t done. Once that snow starts to melt, there it is glaring at us, we jump in with both feet and try to get it all done RIGHT NOW!

The best plan of attack is before spring hits – you have a plan or that outdoor project could still be hanging out there when winter rolls back around.  If you need a professional to help you (landscaper, remodeler, electrician, deck builder, contractor, nursery or even a pool and spa guy) get on their schedule right away. Remember that the people who didn’t finish their projects last year will be in line ahead of you.

A well thought out plan will take most of the pain out of all your projects. If there is a pool or spa in the plans you should talk to the professionals who will be working on the equipment so you avoid any problems that could cause you to have to re-do the remodel.backyard

Consider that beautiful new deck with the new hot tub sunken ¾ of the way. This is a popular design and it looks awesome. If you haven’t talked to your spa professional before the deck is built and left it to the deck builder you could run into trouble. If the deck builder didn’t create a removable access panel so the hot tub could be serviced, that minor adjustment becomes another major project.  With the proper planning the access will be incorporated into the designs and life will be good.

Remodeling, updating, a new build or an addition – it is most important to talk to the people you need to help to make sure they know when to expect the work. They can build their summer work around you. This will insure that there is time to enjoy the completed project and the rest of summer.


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