Pool or Spa Photo Contest

We are looking for your photos!  We are looking for pictures of you, your kids, or your friends enjoying your pool or Arctic Spa.  This winter and spring, we will be taking submissions of our customers enjoying their pool or Arctic hot tub.  Our favorites will get gift cards!

We are looking for either images of your “outdoor oasis” or action shots of people having fun in the pool or spa.

“Outdoor Oasis”

We have been increasingly impressed with the beautiful set ups our customers have used to surround or display their Arctic Spas and would love to use them as inspiration for other customers or anyone looking to put in a hot tub.

If you have a swimming pool we recently rebuilt or put a new liner in, we would love to see those images as well!

“Just Having Fun”

We are also looking for images of people enjoying their hot tub or swimming pool.  They can be friends relaxing in the spa, kids jumping in the pool, or just having fun in the water.

Please note that winning and non-winning submissions may be used for marketing purposes, including but not limited to our website, Facebook, Houzz, or Google Plus updates, as well as print, television, or online advertising.

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