Pre-Pay Pool Open-Close Special

The Pre-Pay Open-Close Special is as easy as scheduling and paying for your pool opening and closing now.

Simply do this to receive a free closing kit. $100 Value

  • BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kit
  • BioGuard Pool Closing Complete

Sale Ends February 28th 2019


Our Standard Pool Opening includes:

  • Removing the winter plugs
  • Installing the return eyeballs
  • Hooking up pool equipment
  • Starting and testing the pool equipment.

*Standard pool opening does not include any chemicals, Pool cover removal, or repairs

Our Standard Pool Closing includes:

  • Test pool water
  • Removing the return eyeballs
  • Blowing the lines
  • Adding the antifreeze
  • Installing the winter plugs
  • Draining all pool equipment.
  • Closing Chemicals

*Standard pool closing does not include, pool cover installation, fountain jets, slide lines, fill lines, and attached spas.

*Pool cover removal and installation also available

Any other work that you may want us to do such as lowering /adding water, removing/installing cover, cleaning filters, adding chemicals, cleaning auto covers etc. will be billed at time of service.  Also any prep work that needs to be done and wasn’t before we get there such as pumping off covers, adjusting water level, parts needed not available will be done and billed at time of service.

Contact our service department with any questions at 952-368-6070 or contact us here.

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