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In Minnesota, our swim season can be short.  When the Sun comes out and the weather is warm, you better believe we’re ready to swim.  Soon there will be pool parties, neighbors dropping in, and fun to be had.  Premier Pool & Spa knows the mechanical side of your pool is vital to a successful swim season.  If something breaks down, service will be needed and no one wants to wait.  We understand.  Our goal is to provide all our customers with timely and professional service.  We want to provide our customers with experienced pool professionals in this specialized field.  Unfortunately, sometimes we do not have the resources to support the requests we receive as quickly as we would like.

As we have grown, it has become more difficult to fit services request into the schedule.  We have been working to address this as well as make a concerted effort to thank and prioritize our loyal customers.  In addition to creating better efficiencies in our service department, we will be scheduling routine services earlier to ensure our regular customers get on the schedule for the days they prefer.  Check out the Open/Close Specials, which will allow you to get on the schedule first, (and still make changes later if needed).  In addition to making sure you are on the schedule, you will get some great priority customer benefits for the year!

Become a Premier Platinum Customer!

Additionally, we have created Premier Platforms, which all of our customers have the opportunity to be a part of.  If you are part of our Weekly Just Swim or Just Soak Program, you are automatically a Premier Platinum customer.  Some of the benefits of this program is an additional 15% discount on all retail purchases and 3 Day Platinum Priority Service Scheduling.  In addition, you receive all the benefits of the Silver and Gold Customer Platforms on top of it!

To be in the Premier Gold Platform, simply schedule and pre-pay for your Pool Opening and Closing. You will get 10% off your opening and closing, 10% off standard labor for repairs and maintenance issues, and 6 day Priority Service scheduling.

Are you a DIY’er and don’t often need pool or spa service?  You can still benefit from the Premier Silver Platform by keeping your email address on file.  You will receive free water analysis in the store and weekly item discounts.  It is also the only way to ensure you will be alerted about the Annual Early Buy Sale.  This sale includes virtually everything we stock, from chemicals to coolers to filters.  If you want top of the line products at a discounted price; this is the time to get them.  Many of the products we carry are MAP protected and we are unable to sell them at this kind of discount throughout the season.

Are you wondering if you are already a Premier Silver, Gold, or Platinum customer and what that means?  Find out below!

What is Priority Service Scheduling?

Premier Plus service scheduling members receive our pledge that we will make our absolute best effort to schedule a service call for diagnosis of pool equipment issues in six business days or less.

What is Platinum Priority Service Scheduling?

Premier Platinum service scheduling guarantee membership guarantees a service call for diagnosis of any pool or spa equipment issues, auto cover issues or pool chemistry/clarity/cleanliness issues in three business days or less.

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