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Every new Arctic Spas hot tub purchase comes with a new cover installed at time of delivery, color matched to the hot tub. When installed, the Arctic Spas hot tub cover can be secured by 4 leather straps to the sides of the hot tub to prevent wind from blowing the cover open. These straps can also be locked down on to the hot tub, to prevent anyone but those who have the keys from getting in the hot tub.

We also have the Arctic Hot tub cover if it will fit your spa. The Castcore Mylovac cover starts with foam twice as dense as the industry average. We also insert a metal “C” channel into the foam centers. This creates a cover capable of supporting thousands of pounds of weight. Never worry about snow loads or kid loads again. We then wrap these inserts in a metal/poly bag (similar to a coffee bag). This bag is then vacuumed and heat sealed. This technology is the only system that is capable of completely keeping moisture off of your cover inserts. Wet and heavy covers result in constantly increasing running costs as well as regular cover replacement. Longer wind flaps, locking straps, carry handles, and an insulating baffle along the entire seam, finish off the best cover in the industry.

Replacement Sunstar Spa Covers


Premier Pool and Spa can order a new replacement Sunstar cover for most spas. Sunstar is the originator of the rigid vinyl hot tub and hot tub cover with over 30 years of service and dedication to the hot tub and hot tub industry. Sunstar hot tub covers feature marine grade vinyl, over 1500/hrs of UV testing, an excellent energy efficiency rating, unmatched craftsmanship, and a 3 Year Non-prorated Warranty on every cover made.

If you need a new hot tub cover for your hot tub, all we will need are the exact measurements of the cover and the radius of the corners of the hot tub so we can order it in from Sunstar Covers. Contact us with your hot tub measurements today!

Agreement Between Dealer & Spa Owner: Cover specifications provided by spa owners assumes responsibility for cover specifications. Allow approx. 3 weeks for delivery. 

Spa Cover Lifter

Premier Pool and Spa’s cover lifter system can be installed on nearly any hot tub, new or old. Most Arctic spas we sell have the cover lifter installed on the hot tub at delivery. The cover lifter helps in a few different ways. The first advantage is the most obvious, it makes the cover much easier to lift off the hot tub, with most people able to take it off by themselves with little effort. The second advantage is how long it can extend the life of your cover. Spa covers are fairly expensive equipment’ ranging from $400-$700 for a new cover. The cover lifter helps to prevent you, the customer, from having to buy a new cover as often, by keeping the cover from getting ripped up from dragging it on any rough surfaces. 3rd, the cover lifter helps to keep the cover from blowing off the hot tub, and lastly, when open, can help create a privacy partition for your hot tub.

Look how easy it is to use the Spa Cover Lifter!

If you would like more information on Spa covers, or the Spa Cover Lifter, please contact us or visit our retail store

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