Pool Covers

Premier Pool & Spa covers it all! Our Service techs can repair all auto covers from all manufacturers, such as Aquamatic covers, Coverstar automatic pool covers, Cover Pools inc. and Pool Cover Specialists covers.

Did your pool get built without an auto cover? Not to worry! With the Coverstar recessed box, on-deck auto cover system, we can install an energy saving auto cover on almost any pool!

A mesh winter safety cover can easily be the most intelligent investment you could make in your pool. A mesh safety cover attaches to anchors around the pool side, and stretches above the water to prevent anyone or anything from falling in the pool throughtout the winter.As the picture to the right shows, even if someone accidentally parks their vehicle on your cover, the cover could still hold. We can install a new mesh winter safety cover on any existing pool, to increase the safety for your family and the cleanliness of your pool when opened each year.

Automatic Pool Covers

Solar Covers

Winter Covers

Hot Tub Covers

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