Salt & Mineral systems

Salt system pools are the most popular sanitizing systems installed on new pools, and as a retrofit on an old pool. If you are intrigued by the benefits of a salt system pool, you should be! Salt systems use easy-to-apply minerals/salt and a chlorine cell to steadily produce a chlorine sanitizer. The salt system is helpful in preventing chloramine build-up and over use of many chemicals.

Get your Salt system started!

If you are interested in converting your old pool to a Salt system, Premier Pools professional service techs can make the process simple! A bare bones salt system install would include the salt to create a base residual in the pool, and the cell and display installed. If you are interested in a high end salt system installed, our Sense & Dispense system can actually test the water in real time and adjust the chlorine and ph automatically, and even display real time information about your pool to your Iphone or any computer! If you have questions about upgrading your pool, or your existing salt system, please contact us or stop in to our Store.

This video can help you get some more information about one of the Salt systems we use, Mineral Springs by Bioguard.

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