Rave Water Bouncers and Trampolines

02005-AquaLaunch-FrntOne of our favorite ways to take advantage of the Minnesota lakes is bouncing on a water trampoline.  At Premier Pools we carry both water trampolines and water bouncers so you have the opportunity to jump on the water whether you live on a lake part time or full time.

Rave has completely redesigned the classic water trampoline, making the jump surface of their new Aqua Jumps up to 30% larger and reducing the weight by 30% as well.  This means if you used to have a 25 foot trampoline you would get a similar jump surface with the new 20ft trampoline!  One of the biggest advantages to the new design is the set up and take down time has been cut in half!  Rave has truly listened to its customers’ desires over the years.  The new design has addressed storage space, set up time, and jump space, allowing you to enjoy the trampolines more!

Rave also makes Water Bouncers, which are perfect for a lake house or place where you only want to use it for a day or weekend at a time.  They are built without springs, so the bounce is not as high as a water trampoline with springs, like the Aqua Jumps, but they are quick and easy to put up and take down and their lower price makes them attractive if you are not planning to leave it out all summer or care more about having a floating dock than getting the ultimate bounce height.

Why do we choose Rave Trampolines?  Rave is located here in Minnesota and invented the Water Trampoline.  They are always improving upon their products and have great customer service and warranties.  If you have a warranty issue, they are located right in St. Paul so you don’t have to try to mail your trampoline to a different state.

Looking for pricing or more information?  Call us at 952-368-6070

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