September Newsletter

What makes your pH change

Everything! You don’t have to be surprised though, just pay attention to what/who is going into the spa.

In a perfect world we enter clean and exit clean but we know life happens and that is not always the case.

  • When you enter the spa with make-up, lotions, hair products etc. you come out clean. This is why we use an enzyme to break down those oils.
  • If your source water is high in pH you will have to decrease the pH in the tub every time you add water.
  • pH is in everything – our bodies are at 7.5 so adding anything else to the water changes the pH and we just have to adjust it either way. If it is lower it is acidic and higher it is Base (remember your old chemistry notes?)
    • Low pH makes your sanitizer hyperactive so you won’t be able to keep it in the water
    • High pH makes your sanitizer sluggish so it becomes ineffective

Watching your pH will make you spend less on chemicals and will make them more effective.

It is almost time to drain your tub

Make sure you have a plan to drain your tub before winter hits. I change my water in late fall to insure my water makes it until spring. If your water is “old” it becomes harder to keep the water clear, the water has high total dissolved solids which makes it harder for your chemicals to work.
There are chemicals to help clean the lines before you drain the tub. I can help you get it balanced again too.

How best to enjoy the tub

Send me pictures! I want to see everyone’s backyard now that your tub is in place. Fun family pictures are welcome too! Come on….send them to me.

Firmware alert

I will be sending messages to you concerning new firmware. Please let me know the best way to get it to you. With the technological advancements of this tub we are constantly improving the software. The tub will run just fine without the updates but just like everything else in this technical time it is even better if we can update things.
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