September/October Newsletter

Empty your spa

Twice a year we suggest you empty your spa. Because the long winter months are not the best time to be out emptying your tub we think that late fall and early spring are the best times to do this choir.

There is an enzyme that will clean the pipes BEFORE you empty the water

System Flush

Pull the filters, put in this bottle and watch the buildup come out of the pipes and into the tub where you can drain it away. The best investment for a clean tub there is.

You might want to consider changing your filters (definitely clean them). Remember we do have disposable (affordable) filters for the Arctic Spas that will last the life cycle of the water and you throw them away instead of cleaning them.

Replaces Pleated filter and Stain & Scale – These filters will break down when you try to add a metal remover or stain and scale (sequestering agent).

There is also a sequestering agent in the Trio product so you will not use the disposable filters with the Trio system.

We Ship Chemicals

We have a shipping department that can send you the chemicals you need.

Order Chemicals on-line

Summer Doors

A few of our customers that have the spa sitting in the full sun all summer long may have had issues with the spa not being cool enough. The summer door is a great way to keep the cooler air circulating in the cabinet which allows the water to cool as well.

Summer Doors

It is a nice problem to have – you know it will also keep it hot in the winter.

Software Updates

As hot tubbing season starts I will also be logging into your spas, making all the software updates – checking for any issues. I try to make sure there doesn’t seem to be anyone using the spa when I go into the control board. If you happen to be sitting in the spa and out of nowhere lights are turning on, pumps starting etc. it could be a daily test that the spa does automatically or it could be me checking up on how things are running. 

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