Tara Vinyl Pool Liners


Beauty that lasts

A Premium Selection Because You Deserve the Best. Our collection of patterns features only the most desirable choices of colors and styles. Through trial and experience, we’ve learned which patterns look best in a pool. We only select designs that meet our highest standards. This ensures, the pattern you select will look just as beautiful in your pool as it does in a brochure or showroom.

Quality Today and for Years to Come. A liner is only as good as the material and construction. We start with the highest grade virgin vinyl and test each roll to be sure it meets our rigorous standards. Our teams of experienced technicians and craftsmen build each liner to fit your exact specifications. Experience is the key to building a great liner. The electrostatic welding process demands skill and attention to detail that only comes with time. Many of our employees have been building liners for 20 years or more. That dedication and commitment is built into every liner. It is what makes a Tara Liner so special.

Tara also offers Sure Steps, a great option for liner covered steps.  The following patterns can be made into Sure Steps, a thicker, textured step to create traction and better safety on the steps.

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