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Premier Pool & Spa understands how important your swimming pool is to you. It is a place to celebrate, relax, and escape from your daily routine.

Having a swimming pool brings your family lots of joy and no one wants maintenance time to cut into family fun time.  Let our certified technicians make sure your pool is always sparkling Blue.

Premier Pools has created The Just Swim Package to be a complete maintenance program for your entire pool season.  It starts right from the beginning of the season with a Standard Pool Opening and Clean up.  Our techs will come out every week to maintain your pool’s clarity and take care of all recommended weekly maintenance.  The package includes all of the top of the line BioGuard Pool Chemicals needed for the season.  When fall rolls around and you are ready to close the pool for the season, the Just Swim Program includes a Standard Pool Closing with winterizing chemical kit.

Just Swim customers are also Premier Platinum Customers, which benefit from additional perks such as priority scheduling and discounts such as 10% off labor and 15% off stocked items in the retail store (even YETI)!

Just Swim Package Inclusions*:

Standard Pool Opening

  • Removing the winter plugs
  • Installing the return eyeballs
  • Hooking up pool equipment
  • Starting and testing the pool equipment.

Spring Clean Up

  • Cover Cleaning
  • Any chemicals needed
  • Spring pool cleanings as needed to clear out winter debris and return pool to sparkling condition

Weekly Pool Service

Every week, a technician will come out and do the following:

  • Test the water
  • Add Maintenance Chemicals – Chlorine, Balancers, Sequestering agents and filter aids as needed
  • Clean & start automatic/robotic pool cleaner
  • Brush Swimming pool interior
  • Skim water surface
  • Clean all pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash or clean cartridge filters as needed
  • Monitor proper system operations
  • Vacuum as needed

Standard Pool Closing

  • Test pool water
  • Remove return eyeballs
  • Blow the lines
  • Add the antifreeze
  • Install the winter plugs
  • Drain all pool equipment

Additional Closing Benefits

  • Closing Chemicals
  • Free replacement of any required closing items (anchors, plugs, etc)
  • Pool cover installation, fountain jets, slide lines, fill lines, or attached spas
  • 15% off all retail POS Transactions (excludes Minimum Price Items with Rebates)
  • Free In-store Water Analysis

Multiple payment options are available for your convenience.

*Terms and Conditions: Residential customers only.  Some exclusions apply.  Just Swim program does not include any repairs or installations.   For our Platinum Priority customers, Premier Pools will make every effort to schedule a service call for diagnosis of any pool equipment issues, auto cover issues or pool chemistry/clarity/cleanliness issues in three business days or less.  Must have credit card on file to be enrolled in Just Swim Program.

Please contact us to verify you qualify and sign up.  Any questions please call service at 952-368-6070.

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