Stay Healthy with Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs can keep you healthy in Minnesota even in January. Each day, we are exposed to toxins in our environment and this deposit in the tissues and cells can lead to a variety of illnesses. It is almost impossible to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals every day of our lives. Sweating is the easiest way to rid your body of toxins. But sweating in January in Minnesota can be more difficult because, let’s face it, its cold! Hot tubs are a great way to warm your body down to the core. In a hot tub, each person will perspire a pint of sweat every 15 minutes.

Toxin overload has been implicated in many health conditions, from Fibrocystic Breast Disease in women to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. Physical symptoms include joint or muscle pain, frequent colds and flues, allergies, fatigue, headaches, sinus congestion, loss of dexterity, and more. Psychological symptoms include poor concentration, memory loss, mood changes, and mental confusion.

By whole body warming (like in a hot tub) we are removing toxic residues and increasing cellular function. Warm water exercises are popular for sports injuries, aging joint pain and the same benefits can even be applied for some autistic people. Warm water therapy can enhance motor skills and lessen the effects of sensory sensitivity, which many autistic people deal with on a regular basis. When you sit inside a 100 – degree pool you can relax the same way virtually anyone does when they enter a hot tub. Shielded from all the information and sensory processing, an autistic child can tune in and focus on therapy. Little scientific backing exists for water therapies but some families of autistic kids have noted immediate and highly positive results. Releasing toxins from our bodies can do nothing but help anyone who has the opportunity to relax in a hot tub.

Finally, some weight loss experts believe that our bodies use fat to dilute toxins. How exciting would it be to find that because we are sitting in a hot tub we are ridding our body of toxins and our bodies don’t need to retain the extra weight? Here is my New Year’s resolution, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, exercise and sit in the hot tub!The-Health-Benefits-of-Using-Hot-Tubs

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