Variable Speed Pumps

What every owner needs to know

A variable-flow pump offers pool filter automation and advanced features that include energy conservation and programmable scheduled water features for your pool, spa, cleaner, waterfall, and other applications.
Variable speed pumps can reduce energy cost by as much as 90% based on a pool size up to 15,000 gallons, one turn per day with a 24 hour cycle.
Variable speed pumps constantly monitor water flow and electrical current to ensure that the filtration system is operating at peak efficiency. This can result in maximum energy efficiency savings never before possible – up to 90% over conventional single speed and two speed pumps.
The system protects against loss of prime or impedance of flow, under and over voltage situations, and thermal overload or freezing. With Variable Speed Pumps, there’s no need for pump curves and hydraulic calculations to determine the right pump for the job. Just set the pump for your pool size and desired turnover.

Tips for Successful Use of a Variable Speed pump:

  • During times of high heat and humidity pump should be turned up to 3
  • Because of the lower speed, filters will not necessarily build up the same level of pressure as you might have experienced with standard pumps.  Monitor the flow from the returns in your pool.  Over time as you experience a significant drop in flow, filters should be cleaned or backwashed.
  • If your variable speed pump is set at to low a speed, and/or the filter is very dirty, your pool heater could potentially not heat the pool as the flow through the heater could be to low. If your heater is not working, first clean the filters and check the pump speed
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